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xena: time/task warrior princess

Some utilities for timewarrior & taskwarrior.

mdinvoice: small tool to generate HTML invoices

This tool is still very simple and largely tailored to my needs. Patches are accepted if they do not disturb my own way of working, otherwise you should probably just fork this.

  • Put the example/mdinvoice.yaml file in ~/.timewarrior/mdinvoice.yaml and edit it.
  • Must be run in example directory (or you can make your own theme if you want).
  • To install, go install ./mdinvoice, then put in ~/.taskwarrior/extensions, or add a symlink to your $GOBIN/mdinvoice
  • To use:
    • timew report mdinvoice [tag] > index.html in example directory.
    • Then you can optionally: wkhtmltopdf index.html index.pdf (needs wkhtmltopdf installed)


Erik Hollensbe