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i3-pomodoro: a pomodoro timer for i3blocks

This simple timer allows you to track Pomodoros with the greatest of ease!

To use:

$ go get

Then put this in your i3blocks configuration

command=~/bin/i3-pomodoro # dir here should be $GOBIN or $GOPATH/bin

And restart i3blocks or i3xrocks. Woo!

Mouse Controls

  • Mouse 1: Start/Pause the timer
  • Mouse 2: Reset the timer
  • Mouse 3: Cycle to the next timer (resetting the timer)


Creates a file named /tmp/pomodoro-state. If anything bugs out, try removing it!

Runs i3-nagbar to notify the user. You can change this to use notify-send pretty easily near the top of the source.

Same with the timers and clock designations, they are also near the top.


Erik Hollensbe