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ansiview: view old ANSI art in your terminal

This is a very basic cp437 -> utf8 codec driver through what amounts to UNIX cat otherwise. To use it:

Pass it the ANSI over standard input or pass it a filename.

Check out some art packs at, unzip, and try this script or some similar variation on it in your UTF-8-compatible terminal:

for i in *.ANS; do clear; ansiview $i; echo $i; read; done

Then you can walk through the whole directory; hit enter to cycle to the next file.



UTF-8 compatible, minimum 16 color terminal. Your terminal should be at least 80x25 to see most artwork, however you may benefit from much taller heights and sometimes width; 130x75 is great.


$ go get


Erik Hollensbe, but most of the work was really done by the person who did the CP437 codec in golang's standard library. Props to them!


MIT (c) 2020 Erik Hollensbe