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trade: ssh -> telnet proxy with bonus sugar

trade is intended to connect to Tradewars 2002 servers. It performs a number of features which make tradewars playable on a modern computer:

This image is taken from a standard SSH connection through trade inside of putty.

Some features of trade:

  • Multiple connections, same proxy -- all connections route to the same telnet session.
  • translates DOS Code Page 437 to UTF-8, including line drawing characters. Works great with putty default settings over SSH, or most modern terminals with openssh.
  • operates over SSH (telnet is still used to connect to tradewars)
  • Menu for controlling your sessions (press ^E in a session to escape to the menu)
  • COMING SOON expect-like scripting capabilities with mruby
  • COMING SOON outbound ssh support for controlling things that are not tradewars!


$ go get
$ trade gen # generates a host key in ~/.config/trade/host_key
$ trade &
$ ssh -p 2002 localhost

After connecting with SSH, you can press enter or ? to get a menu. Press c to connect to a server (try!) or s to shutdown the server.


Erik Hollensbe